What Your Recycling Becomes

Recycling is beneficial to the environment in many ways. Recycling can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, conserve natural resources, increase economic security, prevent pollution, save energy, and support American manufacturing and help create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the United States. Most importantly by reducing the amount […]

Road Rules: Increased Deer Activity

With autumn among us and the earlier onset of nightfall, motorists should be prepared for the increase in deer activity and watch carefully for deer darting across the roadways. Deer movement increases during the fall breeding season, making it all the more important for motorists to drive defensively and stay alert, especially at dawn and […]

Greening West Goshen: Fall Tree Planting Guide

Fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. The cooler temperatures and wet conditions of early autumn are ideal for new plantings. The stress of transplanting a tree (which may lose up to 90% of its root system in the transplant process)is greatly reduced. As tree shoot growth halts with the colder weather […]

Safety Tips by Fire Marshal Andrea Testa: Plug into Extension Cord Safety

During the holiday season, families often string together extension cords without a second thought—after all, all cords are created equal, right? Think again. Just because the extension cord has the length to reach the outlet across the room, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one for the task at hand. If the tool, appliance or […]

Accufacts Sunoco Boot Road “explosion” Report

September 16, 2019 Accufacts report regarding August 5, 2019 “explosion” at Sunoco’s Boot Road Pump Station The Township Board of Supervisors authorized Township Special Counsel David Brooman and Township pipeline safety expert Richard Kuprewicz with Accufacts to review the August 5, 2019 “explosion” that occurred at the Sunoco Boot Road Pump Station.  The results of […]

WACOG Energy Planning Process Stakeholder & Community Engagement

The West Chester Area Council of Governments (WACOG) recently engaged The Cadmus Group to facilitate an Energy Planning Process project to engage West Chester Area municipalities to encourage energy efficiency and a move to non-fossil fuel energy sources. The Cadmus Group has produced the following Stakeholder & Community Engagement document for review by all member […]

West Chester University Overlay Project Update

At their September 4, 2019 special Board workshop, the Board of Supervisors reviewed a revised map with residents for the proposed West Chester University Overlay Zoning District. The Board took into consideration comments by residents of the Roslyn and Pomona Hill neighborhoods on the proposed PUC 1 Zoning District and how the new district would […]

Township Volunteers Needed

West Goshen Township is looking for resident volunteers for the Planning Commission and Historical Commission. If you are interested, please forward a letter of interest and a resume to twp@westgoshen.org or you may drop off both items to the attention of Casey LaLonde, Township Manager. If you have any questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please also […]

About the West Goshen Planning Commission

The West Goshen Planning Commission is a group of township volunteers who are a recommending body to the Township Board of Supervisors. The group works in conjunction with the township staff, township engineer and the Board of Supervisors to review land development projects within West Goshen Township. Land development and conditional use applications are usually […]

Plastic Bag Liners – Recycling Toters

Do not use plastic bag liners in recycling toters The Township’s waste & recycling contractor has reported that some residents are using plastic bag liners secured with rubber bands in their recycling bins.  Please refrain from using plastic bag liners in your recycling bin, as the plastic bags and rubber bands can become dislodged and […]