West Goshen Installs an Enhanced Treatment System to Reduce Phosphorous

Phosphorous is a nutrient that increases plant growth and also helps the crops, but it is not conducive to the aquatic system because it causes preferential growth of plants over other wildlife which is known as eutrophication.  A significant consequence of eutrophication can be algal blooms (cyanobacteria) in streams, rivers and lakes, some of which […]

Robert Lambert Park Offers Opportunities for all Levels of Skateboarders

Whether your child is a stepping on a skateboard for the first time or has been boarding for years, the West Goshen Park and Recreation Department offers opportunities for your son or daughter to improve skills, meet other boarders, and have fun. Beginner Skateboarding Clinics Beginners can participate in seven weekly skateboarding clinics between 1:30 […]

Belair Estate: The Home of George A. McCall

During the nineteenth century, West Goshen Township was a getaway for Philadelphia residents to relax at their country homes. The expansive pastures and dense forests offered a quiet reprieve from the chaos of the city. One of these notable residents was General George Archibald McCall. He retired to his West Goshen farm after a life […]

Sunoco Mariner II Work Begins 3/18/19

Work on the Sunoco Mariner II project begins on Monday, March 18th in the vicinity of Boot Road, Greenhill Road and Rt. 202 in West Goshen Township. Per the PennDOT press release below, materials deliveries will begin on March 18th with Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) to start in the eastbound direction towards East Goshen Township […]

Employment Opportunities

Please see all West Goshen Township employment opportunities at the following link: Employment Opportunities

West Chester University Overlay District Project

Please see the following page for information regarding the West Chester University Overlay District Project. https://www.westgoshen.org/west-chester-university-overlay-project/