Casey LaLonde Township Manager / Secretary
Derek Davis Assistant Township Manager / Assistant Zoning Officer
Jeanne M. Denham Finance Director / Treasurer
Jennifer M. Latzer Assistant Finance Director
Jennifer Conrad Accounts Payable
Cheryl Wilkinson Utility Billing Coordinator
Donna Smith Billing Technician
Christine Riffey Managing Accountant
Kimberly Greene Payroll Coordinator / Real Estate Property Taxes
Richard J. Craig Township Engineer / Assistant Zoning Officer
William Webb Zoning Officer
Andrea Testa Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Coordinator
Mike McCarthy Assistant Fire Marshall
John Beswick Storm Water Manager/Building Official
Edward Hunger Building Official
Phil Eberly GIS Technician
Donna Messersmith Permits Clerk
Kenneth W. Lehr Park & Recreation Director
Thomas N. Steines Ass’t Park & Recreation Director/Summer Program Coordinator
Kate Meinhart Receptionist
Mike Caccavo Facilities Superintendent
The Law Offices of Sean Kilkenny Township Solicitor