Construction Activity During COVID-19 Shutdown

There have been some inquiries into why construction would still be taking place in the township during a national and statewide emergency while so many businesses are shutdown.

Gov. Wolf’s guidance on “essential” activities and industries clearly includes construction activity. Therefore, West Goshen Township cannot legally shutdown this type of work.

We are doing our part to reduce COVID-19 spread and hope private sector businesses would do so as well. We are strongly encouraging contractors and builders to hold off unless it is an obvious emergency. But, again, we do not have the authority to shutdown a construction site that has an active permit based on the Commonwealth’s guidance.

For those that are continuing to work with an active permit, our inspectors can fully operate remotely and are ensuring these activities are done properly by making themselves available for inspections.

If and when this guidance changes, we will update contractors and the public accordingly.

As always, if you suspect someone is working out of scope or not with an active permit, please call the township at 610-696-5266 or send an email to so we can investigate.

Thank You.

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