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Meet West Goshen Township's "Pets of the Month"


Submit your favorite pet to be featured as West Goshen Township's "Pet of the Month". Your pet will be featured in the monthly eNews and on the township's social media sites!

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  1. IMG_7641

    Meet Simon LeBun!

    With his velvet-like coat, clear brown eyes, and alert demeanor, you would never guess that it took nearly a year for mini Rex rabbit Simon to be adopted from the Southeastern PA-DE House Rabbit Society in Newport, Delaware. Read on...
  2. Roxi

    Meet Roxi!

    Roxi came to the Brandywine SPCA from Florida. Read on...
  3. Sassy in West Goshen (1)

    Meet Sassy!

    Sassy is a five-year old tortoiseshell cat who hails from South Carolina. Read on...
  4. 2021_09_30 Luna

    Meet Luna!

    Luna is a Siberian Husky. 6 years old. Each of her eyes are half blue and half brown. She loves taking walks all around West Goshen. Read on...
  5. Ingrid

    Meet Ingrid

    Ingrid is a four year old rough collie. She was re-homed to her owner in August of 2019. Read on...
  6. DO NOT USE UNTIL AFTER NOVEMBER 09_24-21Lilly (good)

    Meet Lilly

    Lilly is a Maltese rescue dog from an Amish puppy mill in Ohio. Read on...
  7. Chief

    Meet Chief

    Chief is a friendly 1.5 year old English Lab with a lot of energy. Read on...
  8. 08_10_2021 Bohdi

    Meet Bodhi

    Bodhi is an almost 1 year old adorable Siamese cat with a ton of personality and a voice to match. Read on...
  9. 2021_07_05 Ghost_Rocky_Harper

    Meet Ghost, Rocky and Harper

    These boys are full bred miniature Australian Shepherds. Read on...
  10. CF54C682-5962-4B18-93A1-AEDB91898971 (2)

    Meet Smithy

    Smithy is a 6yr old mixed breed gentleman and scholar. He was a former bait dog saved from a dog fighting ring and now lives in the lap of luxury here in West Goshen. Read on...
  11. Fiona

    Meet Fiona

    Meet our pet of the month Fiona! Fiona is a 16 month old Lab and Pitbull mix. She was adopted at Brandywine Valley SPCA. She loves lounging at Lambert dog park pictured here! Read on...
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