Cop Card Program

West Goshen Township Police Department is proud to announce its first edition of the “West Goshen Township Police Department Cop Card Program”.   This program consists of baseball type trading cards with the officer’s photograph on the front and a short biography of the officer on the back of the card as well as a personal message to the children from that officer. 14 police officers and 2 dispatchers at West Goshen Police Department have participated in the program.

The Cop Card Program iCollect Them Alls designed to help the children become familiar with the officers in their community as well as develop a trusted bond between the children and the officers.  This program will help break down the “wall” as well as any fear the children may have with speaking to a police officer.  The police department’s intent of the program is to allow children to feel comfortable in seeking out an officer when a parent/guardian isn’t around or if they have experienced something they feel is not right. The goal is for the youth in the community and the police officers to interact and promote a positive and trusting relationship for years to come.


Rules/Guidelines for a Child to Collect the Cards

In order to collect an Officers card the child must be the one to speak to that officer. This does not mean the parent/guardian of the child cannot accompany the child when speaking to the officer. The goal of the program is to have the children feel comfortable enough to approach a police officer. Due to call volume as well as scheduling issues, a child is welcome to come to the West Goshen Police station to collect the cards if the officer is working. We just ask that an officer is not requested to solely come to the station just to give out trading cards. Here are some additional rules we ask that the children abide by:

  • If a child loses an officers card they are welcomed to ask the officer for a replacement card
  • A parent cannot ask for a card for their child, if there is an issue with this and the officer can work something out with the parent to make the child more comfortable approaching the officer that will be up to the discretion of the officer.
  • No child should approach the officer if the officer is near their patrol car and the lights are activated.
  • No child should approach an officer while they appear to be interacting with the public in an official capacity.
  • No child should disregard their own safety because they see an officer and  need their trading card, should a child disregard their own safety or safety of another, they will not receive a card at that time.
  • Once all the cards are collected, please contact the West Goshen Police Department Community Policing Division to arrange for verification of the cards for a prize.

 These rules are designed to protect the children as well as the officer. The officers have to be focused at all times when they are handling calls. When an officer is not working they will not have their trading cards.

Print this checklist of officers with cop cards to collect: