Juvenile & Community Relations

The Police Department has 3 officers assigned to handle matters involving our Juveniles and Community relations. These officers are in the schools every day of the school year. Watch this video and meet our School Resource Officers

Mission Statement

The West Goshen Township Police Department Juvenile Division works in unison with the West Chester Area School District, the District Attorney's Office, the Juvenile Probation Department, and most importantly the parents of children toward a common goal. All of us know that the decisions we make directly correlates to the juveniles' chances of success and, ultimately, to the protection of our community.

Our agency appreciates the strong partnerships we have in the West Goshen community with other law enforcement agencies, the school district, faith-based organizations, community providers, and the many individuals and organizations who volunteer to assist in making a difference in the lives of the young adults we serve and in improving our community both today and tomorrow.

Resource Documents

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