Road Rules

In each issue of the township newsletter, the West Goshen Police Traffic Division provides information on sections of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code that may inform readers on the requirements of these sections and the penalties for violating them.

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  1. Road Rules: Anti-Texting law

    Pennsylvania’s anti-texting law, effective March 8, 2012, encourages motorists to put their full focus on driving.  The law can be found under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code section 3316- Prohibiting text-based communications. Read on...
  2. Road Rules: Pickup Truck Safety

    Please be aware of  and follow all regulations when driving your pickup truck vehicle. Read on...
  3. Road Rules: COVID-19 Travel Regulations

    On March 16th, Governor Wolf issued a shut down order for the entire state of Pennsylvania due to the COVID-19 outbreak with few exemptions for essential travel Read on...
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