West Goshen Prevails in Mariner II Case

Public Utility Commission Administrative Law Judge Elizabeth Barnes today found in favor of West Goshen Township and entered the following three Orders: The Interim Emergency Order is GRANTED:   “That Sunoco is enjoined from beginning and shall cease and desist current construction including:  1) constructing valve 344;  2) constructing appurtenant facilities to Valve 344; and, 3) […]

Vote here for the 2017 Fall Movie Series

Choose up to five (5) of the following movies to be included in the West Goshen Township 2017 Fall Movie Series. The top five requested movies will be scheduled for the 2017 Fall Movie Series, beginning at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, September 16th. Check the Township website’s calendar on the homepage for the dates for each […]

Neighborhood University Fall 2017

Join other residents, business owners and property owners for the Fall 2017 Neighborhood University Program. The program is sponsored by the West Chester Area Council of Governments. Please see the Program’s website for more details and to enroll: https://www.nugwc.org/