How long will this litigation go on?

The current litigation should be complete by September 2018.

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1. Why did West Goshen Township sue Sunoco Logistics?
2. Why did Sunoco Logistics breach the settlement agreement if it agreed to it in the first place?
3. What is the economic impact of the Mariner II pipelines on West Goshen Township?
4. What’s it costing West Goshen Township to fight Sunoco Logistics?
5. May West Goshen Township recover its legal fees for this fight?
6. What’s the Mariner I and II project worth to Sunoco Logistics?
7. How much will Sunoco Logistics be paying to the West Goshen Township to run the 2 new pipelines through the Township?
8. How long will this litigation go on?
9. Why didn’t West Goshen Township just tell Sunoco Logistics it did not want any new pipelines installed in the Township?