What is the economic impact of the Mariner II pipelines on West Goshen Township?

First, the project scuttled an approximately $35,000,000 approved land development project, namely Traditions Independent Living, at the unauthorized location of the Mariner II valve stations on the eastern side of Boot Road at Route 202. The Traditions development project would have provided approximately $400,000 in road improvements to the congested intersection of Route 202 / Boot Road / Greenhill Road. In addition, the project would have provided over $100,000 in building permit fees and significant earned income and real estate taxes to the Township. The Traditions project would have provided a nearby independent living facility accessible to retired Township residents.

Second, building a 10,000 square foot valve station on the eastern side of Route 202 at Boot Road effectively stops any economic development or land development of the remaining parcel, given that the proposed valve station is situated in the middle of the parcel. This parcel will become tax-exempt, given the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and many Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rulings that Sunoco Logistics is a tax-exempt public utility.

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3. What is the economic impact of the Mariner II pipelines on West Goshen Township?
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