West Goshen Township
Board of Supervisors
October 14, 2015
7:00 PM



1.     The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

2.   Reports for the month of September 2015:
      A)    Police Reports presented by Chief Joseph Gleason.
      B)    Fire Marshal's Report including Goshen Fire Company and
             Good Fellowship Ambulance Company presented by Fire Marshal Andrea
      C)   Building Official's Report presented by Building Official John Beswick

3.   Board of Supervisors’ announcements.

4.   Township Manager’s announcements. 

5.    Zoning Officer’s announcements.

6.   Approval of the Board of Supervisors meeting minutes of September 9, 2015 and September 23, 2015.

7.   Approval of Treasurer's Report dated September 30, 2015, for the General Fund, the Sewer Revenue Fund, the Waste and Recycling Fund, and the Capital Reserve Fund, and the bills to be paid from these funds.

8.    Presentation by West Chester Hospital regarding upcoming Land Development of the hospital property at 701 East Marshall Street.

9.    West Chester Library annual update presentation.

10.  Possible approval of “Natural Deicing Liquid” bid, opened on October 7, 2015.

11.   Possible approval of Resolution 2015 – 16, adopting the 2015 Township Employee Policy Manual.

12.   Possible approval of distribution of the 2015 Foreign Fire Relief funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the amount of $210,416.90.

13.   Possible approval of Waiver from the West Goshen Township Land Development Ordinance for a de minimis 100 square foot gatehouse project for QVC, Inc., at 1200 Wilson Drive, West Chester.

14.  Any other business to come before the Board.

Board of Supervisors Conditional Use Hearing #2 – 2015
Continued from August 12, 2015
Conditional Use Hearing for 101 Norfolk Avenue for West Chester University

Board of Supervisors Conditional Use Hearing #3 – 2015
Conditional Use Hearing for 30 West Rosedale Avenue for West Chester University