Park and Recreation Board
November 18, 2015
7:00 PM



1.  Approval of the October 21, 2015 minutes

2.  Review of Treasurer’s Report as of October 31, 2015

3.  Parks Department Report (McClune)

4.  Summer Recreation Program Report (Steines)

5.  Teen Program Report (Steines)

6.  The Friends of West Goshen Parks, Inc. (Napiecek)

7.  Old Business
     a.    Bus Trips
     b.    Summer Concert Series
     c.    Harvest Festival
     d.    Holiday Decorations Workshop
     e.    Holiday Breakfast
     f.     Community Yard Sale
     g.    Request by Mark Bergkvist to host summer photography camp
     h.    Dogpark and Skatepark Updates

8.  New Business
     a.    Discussion of 2015 Park and Recreation Board officers
     b.    Any other new business to be brought before the Park and Recreation Board