Plastic Bag and Plastic Straw Regulations


iStock-1292901073_BagsOn December 17, 2021, the West Goshen Township Board of Supervisors approved a single-use plastic carry-out bag and single-use plastic straw ban effective April 22, 2022.

The ban is codified in  Ordinance No. 16-2021, which amends the Township code to add a new Chapter 61, titled “Plastic Bag and Plastic Straw Regulations,” to regulate the distribution and use of single-use plastic carry-out bags and single-use plastic straws; and to add findings, definitions, requirements, enforcement, penalties, and exemptions relating to the distribution and use of these items.  

On September 6, 2022, the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 3-2022, which amended Chapter 61 (Plastic Bags & Plastic Straws) of the Township's Code of Ordinances.  This ordinance amended the definitions of "Compliant Bag" and "Single-Use Plastic Bag" to establish a minimum thickness criteria and prohibit any plastic bag manufactured through the blown-film extrusion process.  The ordinance also established a 15-day time period for an establishment in violation to file for an exemption.  A copy of this ordinance is available on this page.

The ban only affects certain retail businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other general merchandise retailers. 

General Information


Ordinance 16-2021 can be viewed and downloaded here.

Ordinance 3-2022 can be viewed and downloaded here.

Public Informational Meetings

Two public meetings open to businesses and interested residents have been scheduled to present information and answer questions about the ban:

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Report Business Non-Compliance after April 22, 2022

Contact Form

Click  here to access a form to report a business that has not complied with the ban after the effective date.

Reference Publications

Click  here to access a bibliography of publications used to research this topic and help form the rationale for initiating the ban.