Office of the Township Manager

  1. Chris Bashore

    Township Manager

  2. Kate Meinhart



  1. Christine J. Riffey

    Finance Director

  1. Jennifer M. Latzer

    Assistant Finance Director

  1. Donna Smith

    Accounts Payable

  1. Cheryl Wilkinson

    Utility Billing Coordinator

  1. Kimberly Greene

    Deputy Tax Collector

Code Enforcement

  1. John Beswick

    Stormwater Manager / Building Official

  1. Andrea Testa

    Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Coordinator

  1. Michael McCarthy

    Building Official / Assistant Fire Marshal

  1. Donna Messersmith

    Permits Clerk

  1. Phil Eberly

    Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kenneth Lehr

    Park and Recreation Director

  1. Thomas Steines

    Assistant Director / Summer Program Coordinator

Buckley Brion McGuire & Morris

Township Solicitor