Budget Documents


The most important function of the Finance Department lies in forecasting revenues and expenditures through budgeting. Finance Department professionals use historical data, trend analysis, and general economic indicators to project revenues and expenses for the coming year and beyond.

In addition, every department within the Township submits a detailed plan of activities for its area. For example, in the Roads Department, the plan may include road-resurfacing projects, and in the Recreation Department, it may include Township-sponsored bus trips to various events. The plans are refined through discussions with the Board of Supervisors, the Township Manager, and the Finance Director, and the resulting final budget is adopted by the Board at a public meeting.

The budget document is a central component of the government process. Therefore, the budget is constantly monitored and analyzed throughout the year by department supervisors, the Township Manager, and the Board of Supervisors. West Goshen Township has been a past recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Budget Presentation Award, which recognizes excellence in budget documentation. Awards are conferred by the Government Finance Officers Association, an international professional association of finance officers.